I am an advocate for life enrichment and enhancement. I searched for methods of happiness and fulfillment from historic philosophies, modern and ancient medicines, fitness and nutrition routines, meditation and visualization practices, and motivation execution strategies. This led me find me to find my own daily improvement practice with the Wim Hof Method. I find it to be the minimum effective dose to happiness, health, and strength.

It has supercharged my confidence, motivation, and goal fulfillment. I like to teach others what I have experienced and share the transformation.  I have personally introduced the WHM practice to dozens of individuals and groups throughout the last two years.

The practice is powerful and profound, and has transformed my life, and the lives of several friends and family close to me. I especially like to teach people suffering with depression and anxiety, PTSD, and other mind and body disorders. I have begun to see symptoms eased, and many discomforts improved and vitality restored after working with the method.

I’ve learned that happiness and fulfillment can be achieved through a daily practice. It’s the result of consistent choices, and I like to help others understand which choices bring those outcomes. I coach others through the obstacles that arise when creating a practice, and defeat the daily resistance.

 I offer group workshops and personal coaching, and will soon be expanding to excursions and trips.

Brad Buckendorf