I wish to introduce and share the Method with others, and I believe it not only life changing but world changing.   We can become the Alchemist of our physiology and improve our life and our world by directly influencing the Autonomic Nervous System and intentionally exercising our Mind:Body:Soul.   

I have received tremendous benefits to my overall health, energy levels, and self-confidence as well as overall joy in my life.  I can do things today that I could not thirty years ago as a young man; I don’t get sick anymore and have spent $0 on over the counter/prescription medications since starting; I have much greater body awareness and move more efficiently; I have much more self-confidence and ability to express, process, and perform in demanding or stressful situations.  I know of no more powerful and effective means than the WHM in achieving optimal health and strength - and overcoming self-limiting attitudes and fear.

I have always had an interest in health wellness and human performance.  In 2015 I learned of Wim Hof, his achievements, his mission and was intrigued, so I began practicing the Wim Hof Method (WHM).   In practicing the method and moving more deeply into my own physiology and nervous system, I have found the method to be most profound in experience and effect.  From very early on in the program, I knew then based upon direct experience that I wanted to pursue more deeply and to the greatest extent that I am able in my life.   The method offers a profound access to the depths of our physiology and consciousness, in a very simple and straightforward means, with innumerable benefits that can be experienced quickly and deeply by everyone who is open and willing to try.

We can become Happy Strong and Healthy.  We can build our immune function.  We can build our vasculature.  We can build our innerfire.  The WHM shows us how.  I wish to join with Wim and others and take this method into the world. It’s an offering for all and for those who suffer or with trauma or have limited mobility.  So whether your goals are performance, healing, health & wellness, consciousness, resilience, or just plain adventure and a new challenge, please contact me and learn more on how to find your inner strength & power to become happy strong and healthy.