I’m passionate about positive change and personal development. I’m a father of four, outdoor lover, cold fan, conscious breather, and an avid trail runner. 

As a child I’ve always been interested in how things work. Growing older I became more and more interested in how people ‘work’. This resulted in a study neuropsychology and a subsequent PhD in neuropsychology. I’ve worked in the academic world teaching and practising science for more than 15 years before I encountered Wim and his work. 

I was immediately intrigued by this man swimming in the arctic between ice. Shortly after I entered the CoolChallenge as one of the participants and started taking cold showers. This opened up a whole new level of energy and control over my own system to me. My energy levels increased, my resting heart rate decreased, my breathing became more efficient, my focus deeper, and I haven’t been ill since I started my ‘cold journey’. The logical next step was joining the Academy to become a Wim Hof Method Instructor. This has significantly deepened my knowledge and experience in the fields of breathing, focus and cold.

In daily life I run my own company in which I help people in actively and positively dealing with change and finding balance in their lives. I love to inspire people to lead a happy and healthy life. I focus on combining the ‘newer’ evidence based knowledge from the western world and the ‘older’ experience based knowledge from the eastern world. Topics such as being honest to oneself, increasing self-awareness, thinking and feeling outside old conditioned boxes, improving balance, taking back control over your own life, making your own choices, and breaking dysfunctional patterns form the basis of my work.

I cant wait to share the lessons I’ve learned with you, take you back to your own nature, and help you to lead a more balanced and happy life!

Embrace Change - Give Love - Think Outside

Bart Scholtissen