Customer Support Agent [internship]

Join the spirited small team behind Wim Hof, and help bring strength, health and happiness to people worldwide.

As a customer support agent you are the first point of contact for everyone who reaches out to us with questions and feedback. To fill that role effectively, we are looking for a natural helper. Someone who is eager to assist the wonderful WHM community with all their wants and needs. This ranges from technical support, to providing information about our events, to assisting with proper practice of the Wim Hof Method itself.

During your internship you will have the opportunity to conceptualize and execute a personal research project, that allows you to demonstrate your ability for creative problem-solving. This can range from analysis and optimization of workflows, to studying demographics of our customer base.

Meanwhile your day to day tasks include:

  • efficiently sorting emails, forwarding to third parties where necessary
  • responding to emails that are your charge with the right tone and approach
  • finding efficient blanket solutions to overarching issues, while communicating individualized responses
  • troubleshooting our website and app

In order to adequately hold this position, you ...

  • live in or near Amsterdam, or can easily commute here
  • have excellent English writing skills, including grammar and punctuation
  • are adaptive and thrive in a dynamic, at times hectic environment; you work quickly and efficiently under pressure and are not overwhelmed by a high workload
  • know your way around the web and are familiar with iOS
  • have excellent communication skills; you remain friendly and professional at all times and don't let your ego get in the way; you formulate clear, informative responses
  • are highly motivated, have a positive attitude, and are eager to learn
  • believe in the power and importance of the Wim Hof Method and are motivated to help it grow

Education in media, communication, or a related field is preferred but not a requirement.

In return you get...

  • a monthly renumeration of up to €500
  • to travel to Spain or Poland as part of one of our coveted Expeditions
  • to work in a laid-back Hoffice with a quirky, fun-loving team

Jump on this unique opportunity and see how the cogs turn inside the machine behind the Wim Hof Method!


Think you're the right person for the job? Email with your motivation and resume.