Hiking bare chested through the snow. No problem if you master the Wim Hof Method!
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A great way to learn the WHM is through live events, which offer personal guidance and instant feedback.

Join the Wim Hof Experience to experience Wim in person, as he personally tells his story and teaches his method in front of hundreds of people, as part of our annual World Tour.

Meanwhile our certified WHM Instructors offer WHM workshops & Weekends all over the world, for those who prefer a smaller, more intimate experience with ample personal attention and guidance. 

If you want the ultimate Wim Hof Method experience, you’ll want to join one of our coveted weeklong Expeditions. Instructors offer a similar experience with their Travels

Some events will incorporate related disciplines that work in synergy with the Wim Hof Method, such as yoga or jiu jitsu. These can be identified by their corresponding icons.



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