Workshop for graduate Instructors US 2016

Kasper van der Meulen

What you get

Workshop for graduate Instructors US 2016

This workshop is exclusively for graduates of the WHM instructors course of 2016. It holds content and insight that goes beyond the normal instructors curriculum and is therefor offered as an add-on for those who want to develop these specific qualities. This is not a mandatory course to hold or prolong your certification and your attendance will not influence your official certification in any way.

The course will be based on specific requests to give deeper insight into:
- Increasing your reach as an instructor
- Using the right strategies to fill up your workshops and retreats
- Confidently engaging your audience and increasing recurring business
- Building a personal brand and authority on social media
- Remembering names, reading posture & breath and other superteacher skills
- Deep theory on innovative and creative teaching and coaching strategies

Should there be any other topics you want to have discussed, please email them to so he can prepare to provide materials for your needs.