Wim Hof Method Workshop with Emma Estrela

The Lake District With Emma Corrie

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What you get

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Wim Hof Method Workshop in The Lake District - Connect with Nature

Being surrounded by nature has proven to have a very healthy effect and reduces stress levels. Join me in the heart of the Lake District with its natural beauty for this workshop. 


I would like to share my knowledge and give you the tools to unlock your own potential and I have designed the workshop welcome everyone (whatever stage you are at within the method).


The method works with your nervous, immune and cardiovascular system, optimise your energy flow and strengthen your mind body connection as you will learn to control your stress response and train your mindset. 


The first part will be centred around the theory and science combined with exercises and experiments. 

The second part will be mastering the breathing

Finally we end with (an optional) cold immersion in a natural environment.

Starts at 13:00  - 17:00hrs

Light snack included

What to bring:

  • warm clothing (to and from cold exposure)
  • comfy clothing to breathe in 
  • sleeping bag 
  • swimwear
  • towel 
  • a favourite mug and an open mind.  

The workshop will take at Windermere Outdoor Centre, Leigh Groves Building, Rayrigg Road, Windermere, Cumbria, LA23 1BP

Station - Windermere

Parking available 

Limited spaces - 12 Hoffers!

Please contact me on here if you have any questions