Wim Hof Method Workshop Miami

Pavel Stuchlik

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What you get

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"An awesome experience, learning, personal growth, increased awareness of limitless possibilities" John Conway (participant)

First ever Wim Hof Method workshop in Miami taught by WHM instructor Pavel Stuchlik!

Experience firsthand the Wim Hof Method techniques including breathing techniques and cold exposure (via 2 minute ice bath exposure) with the goal of improving your longterm health and well being. 

Your instructor is WHM certified instructor Pavel Stuchlik who brings another dimension to the training with a live DJ experience including silent disco headphones. The music is a powerful add-on to the workshop and will take you deeper into the whole experience. 

The Wim Hof Method techniques will help you:

- Gain more energy

- Improve focus

- Deal better with stress

- Influence pain response

- Recover faster from injury

- Improve blood flow

- Increase endurance

- Just feel Amazing!

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for everyone and is perfectly safe for beginners. Whether you've practice the WHM before, are only aware of some techniques, or you're a beginner that wants to dive straight into it, in this workshop we will have enough time to explore the full spectrum of breathing techniques and practice various cold immersion and other exercises.

What you'll get?

- Cold exposure training (full immersion and other exercises)

- Deep breathing journey with live music and silent disco (Pavel is also a renowned EDM DJ) 

- Discussion and tips on how to apply the method in daily life

Extra info

- Feel free to e-mail us in advance with any questions you may have

- Should you have any physical ailments, please let us in advance

- With pregnancy we always advice to start with the method after giving birth

- The breathing exercises work best on an empty stomach so avoid eating breakfast or just eat very light. 

- Pre cold shower training is advised

What to bring?

Bring comfortable clothes, swimming wear, yoga mat, an extra towel, flip flops, and your best intentions! 


Limited number of 99 EUR /person (plus fees) Early Bird tickets. This workshop is limited to 30 people and is sure to sell out!

We reserve the right to make changes or cancel the event (with full refund) due to low attendance. 

Contact details

You can send me a message via my instructors profile


Orange Theory Fitness South Beach

1115 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139