Wim Hof Method Workshop Level 1 (Beginners to Intermediate)

The workshop starts at 11am and will last approximately 5 hours. All the WHM pillars will be covered, both theoretically and in practice, plus my own yoga, HIIT, Tai Chi experience, and much more...

This workshop is designed for anyone who has not yet done the 10 week course or attended any of WHM winter training in Poland! Yet, anyone even more advanced will be more than welcome as I will share all of my experience with you! Love to any prospective friends :-)

Please bring a yoga mat, towel, blanket, flip-flops, light lunch and water bottle!

Could you also please email me your contact phone number? Also, download, fill in, scan (or photograph) the following forms, emailing them to me? I need to have them prior to the workshop:

Health Declaration

Liability Waiver Form (please note that the Liability Waver form is workshop-date-and-name specific so the current version is only for the first forthcoming workshop, not for any of the following ones!)

Looking forward to hosting 6-12 daring Hoffers!


Sherborne, United Kingdom