Wim Hof Method Workshop in Strathpfeffer, the highlands of Scotland.

Tim van der Vliet

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What you get

50% discount on Fundamentals with the purchase of this activity.
This is the first time the Wim Hof Method Workshop is given in the Highlands of Scotland so don't miss out!

Workshop in Strathpfeffer, the highlands of Scotland.

During this workshop Tim van der Vliet will explain and instruct: cold exposure, breathing exercises and mind-set/focus and also leave you with a mindblowing and transformational experience. The goal is to give you tools to help improve your energy flow, get the body flexible and enable your mind to concentrate in a more focused manner. By gaining this awareness it will help you to better connect your body and mind. Every participant will also receive various tools to help them with the journey afterwards. Get inspired and learn new things during this intense event. Wim will instruct all of his breathing tools, besides the basics that a lot of people already know.

For who? 
The course is suitable for all participants who want to learn about, and get a deeper understanding of, the Wim Hof method. 

17:00-17.30: Register

17.30-19.00: Part 1

19.00-19:15: break

19:15-21:00: Part 2

21.00-22.00: dinner with Q/A

After the workshop you will receive:
*Discount on the 10-week online course

*E-book “Becoming the Iceman”

*Explanation of the basic exercises

Price: 129.- euro (113 GBP) including dinner!

Additional Information
 Richmond Hotel (Crystal House), Church Brae, Strathpeffer IV14 9AW
Times: 17-22

Bathing suit, towel, sandals, bath robe.

A good hearty veggie stew and dumplings at the Crystal House in Strathpfeffer.