Wim Hof Method Workshop in London

Tim van der Vliet

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What you get

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Learn the 3 pillars of the WHM. Discover your inner fire! You can do more than you think you can.

During this workshop we explore the scientifically based Wim Hof Method. You will learn more about and experience the three components:

- Breathing techniques 
- Mindset &
- Cold immersion (optional)

I form a team with Simone Heijhoff. So there are at least two instructors to aid you. 

10.00 - 10.30 Welcome
10.30 - 12.30 Theory, Breathing Exercises
12.30 - 12.45 Break
12.45 - 13.45 Physical Exercises
13.45 - 14.30 Ice Bath
14.30 - 15.30 Lunch, questions and sharing

- easy clothing (good to do exercises in)
- two (big) towels
- swimwear
- slippers
- bathrobe (optional)

- 2 weeks (or longer) before the event you start with ending your showers
cold. Your focus is to stay calm by bringing your awareness to your breath.
You will receive more details on this after confirmation of your reservation.
- Only take a light breakfast on the day of the event
- In case of any health issues or doubts, please contact me in advance.

This workshop is designed for beginners as a first introduction and new adventure. We connect with each other and make a fun experience together. We easily work our way up to experiencing the ice bath if you want to. If you decide you skip this final stage, that is fine too. Nobody will force you. Your own experience and safety always comes first.

London, UK. Exact location to be anounced maximum 2 weeks prior to event.

We advise you to bring your own lunch or a bite to eat with you if you would like. Best to eat light before the workshop commences.

- feeling fresh and energetic throughout the day
- sharpness and focus (at work)
- mental piece of mind and better coping with stress
- enhances creativity and resilience
- easier to deal with challenges and fear
- improves health and strengthens resistance
- improved performance in sports
- better recovery after exercise

Price: Early bird 149 Euro (about 130 GBP).

You can do more than you think you can!

See you!