Wim Hof Method with Certified Instructor Matthew Soule, Intro Level

Seattle With Matthew Soule
One of the themes covered in Wim Hof Method with Certified Instructor Matthew Soule, Intro Level  is WHM


What you get

Discover your innerfire superhuman! Click on the details & learn more...Yon't don't want to miss out on this experience!

Join Certified Wim Hof Instructor Matt Soule as he guides you along to achieve a higher state of possibilities and shows you specific protocols to unleash your innerfire superhuman!   - Read Testimonials at the bottom!

  • Do  you want increase your metabolism for better energy production throughout the day?
  • Do you want to balance your emotional state while at the same time develop control over your autonomic nervous system?  
  • Did you know you can access and influence your immune system, increase blood and lymph circulation all for better health?

Performance under pressure?  No problem!  Quickly and efficiently achieve desired mind states for optimal performance.  

Be happier, healthier, stronger.   

We invite the Greater Seattle community to join us for an introduction to the Wim Hof Method, led by Certified Instructor Matthew Soule.  In this 4 hour workshop we will be exploring the WHM breathing, the mindset & focus and finish with a cold exposure in the elements.  Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of how the WHM breathing, mindset & focus and the cold all integrate to allow practitioners to develop greater control over their health and well-being.  This intro level workshop is appropriate for anyone interested in using the WHM as a tool for better health and optimized performance.  


"Having been exposed to Wim Hof methods through podcasts and YouTube, I decided to find some accessible hands on experience. I had done the breathing exercises on my own and found myself wanting more. A search for local authorized trainers lead me to Matt's Intro Workshop. This workshop is exactly what I was looking for. Matt is a confident and competent instructor. He's well versed in the philosophy and application of Wim Hof training and has been trained by Wim Hof himself.

Prior to the workshop I had only done the breathing exercises and avoided the cold training. Matt guided us through a cold immersion in a manner that had me feeling confident it would be O.K. It was better than that, it felt great and invigorated me. The workshop left me wanting  to continue the training and Matt offered follow ups available for further training as well an opportunity to connect with like minded people. It was a no pressure, totally optional opportunity.

If you are curious about Wim Hof  training, this a great way to get involved. Thanks, Matt."  - Fred D.  

Matt's class in Wim Hof is not to be missed. The routine I learned takes 20 minutes a day and gives me huge mental and physical benefits. Higher energy, lower stress, amazing physical performance gains. Recommended with the highest enthusiasm."  - Donald S.

"When I first heard about the WHM, I was sure it was something I was not interested in doing. I don't like being cold and have tried breathing routines many times but have never stuck with them. At Matt's urging, I gave it a shot and am happy I did and pleased with the results. The introductory class walks you through the method step by step, and after completing the course you can start your own practice immediately. This is something you can learn and become proficient in with just a few hours of training. Matthew is an excellent instructor and does a great job at teaching the how of it along with the theory and benefits." - Marc A. 

"I have taken the Beginning Wim Hof Method Workshop, the two-week advanced protocol training, and the Advanced Wim Hof Method Workshop with Matthew Soule. 

The techniques I learned in these workshops have helped me avoid oncoming panic attacks, have decreased my overall stress level, and appear to have improved my blood gas exchange during exercise. I am so glad that I let my curiosity drive me to sign up for that first workshop.

I think the most important thing I can say about my experience with these workshops is that training with Matt was great. The advanced workshop, in particular, included some techniques and experiences that could have been completely different with a less trustworthy instructor. Matt's kindness, inclusivity, and confidence set the tone for the entire weekend and really brought the varied group of people together. It felt like a very safe environment in which to try new and scary things. You should take these workshops with Matt, if you have the opportunity." - Sandra K.