Wim Hof Method Advanced Workshop

Jesse Coomer

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What you get

50% discount on Fundamentals with the purchase of this activity.
Course for those who have already completed the first 7 weeks of the 10 Week Online Course or who have attended a Basic Workshop.

Note: This event is only for Wim Hof Method Practitioners who have either attended a Basic Workshop or who have completed 7 of the 10 weeks covered in the 10 week online course. 

The Advanced Course takes what is learned in the Basic Workshop (Or Online Course) to the next level with deeper breath work, additional instruction for breathing in daily life and in meditation. Ice training is also taken to a new level, focusing on several ways to train your body and mind to perform at new heights. There will be some lecture, but this course is primary focused on refining skills learned in the basic course and adding to them. Whether you have never taken a proper ice bath or you have a daily ice bath routine, we will challenge you!

Your Advanced Course begins the day you sign up!! Upon purchasing your entry to this course, you will be granted a series of videos to help guide you in your preparation for the Advanced Course.


You will need:

Comfortable clothing for stretching exercises, flip flops, swimwear, a towel, and a good attitude :)

Sign up for this event as soon as you think you are interested. Instructions for how to prepare will be emailed to you. 


Session 1: 11am-1pm

Lunch break 1pm-1:45pm (We advise you to bring a light lunch)

Session 2: 1:45pm- 4pm

*If you are pregnant or have epilepsy you cannot practice the method. If you have any major heart/health conditions please consult a physician before practicing the method.
*This is a full sensory experience so please refrain from wearing any perfumes/colognes, essential oils, or scented skin care products.
*Wim Hof himself will not be present at this workshop.