WHM Workshop Near Sacramento CA

 In this five hour workshop led by Chuck McGee III you will learn more about and practice the three pillars of the Wim Hof Method:

  1. Breathing
  2. Meditation/Focus
  3. Cold Exposure

Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of how to practice the method properly and safely and how it can be used to develop greater control over general health/well-being when practiced regularly. Also you will be taught how to incorporate what you have learned into your daily routine.

 This Level 1 workshop is appropriate for beginners through advanced practitioners of the WHM as it will benefit anyone interested in using the Wim Hof Method as a tool for better health and optimized self-performance, regardless of previous experience.  

To make the most of your experience, please bring the following items to the workshop:

  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Warm Clothes (sweatpants, hoodie, etc)
  • Water
  • Good Attitude
  • Open Mind

Also, please begin ending your showers cold for 15-30 seconds (or longer) in the time leading up to the workshop as a way to acclimate your body to the cold stimuli and exercise your veins and specific muscles.

Thank you so much for your interest and I look forward to sharing my experiences and knowledge of the Wim Hof Method with you!



Jackson, CA, United States