Wim Hof Method Experience - Los Angeles

  • (Last tickets) Wim Hof Method Experience in Los Angeles

    The Wim Hof Method Experience is an inspirational event that helps you master your inner strength through specialized breathing exercises and cold exposure. If you've ever wanted a science-backed, heart-centered approach to improving your mind, body, effectiveness, and performance, this is it.


    You will learn:

    • How to manage your energy levels
    • How to optimize your body for super fast recovery
    • How to lower your heart rate, reduce stress, and feel more relaxed
    • How to get rid of physical blockages
    • How to take an ice bath
    • How to master the most important breathing techniques
    • How to apply the breathing exercises to various situations


    For who? 
    The course is suitable for everyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the Wim Hof Method 


    Wanderlust Hollywood 
    1357 N. Highland Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90028



    11:30-12:00: Registration

    12:00-13:45: Ispirational talk, breathing exercises

    13:45-14:15: Lunch

    14:15-15:15: Science by Prof. Dr. Pierre Capel

    15:15-16:00: Ice bath

    16:00-16:30: Q&A


    After the workshop you will receive

    • A copy of the e-book “Becoming the Iceman”
    • A digital document explaining the basic WHM exercises
    • A 50% discount on the 10-Week Video Course


    Early Bird GA — $159.-

    Advance GA — $189.-

    Last Tickets — $204.-







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    Wanderlust Hollywood, North Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, United States