Weekend at the Wim Hof Method Center

  • Wim Hof Method Weekend: 2-days exclusive training 

    Enter our WHM weekend. Over the course of 2 days, you will go deeper than you have ever gone before. This exclusive training course takes place in the brand-new Wim Hof Method Center. Wim Hof method Instructor Bart pronk will explain the theory behind the method, while the central focus is on the deeper physical and psychological experience. To echo Wim’s iconic phrase: “feeling is understanding”.



    • Powerful breathing techniques (theory & practice)
    • Heat & cold stress training
    • Mindset exercises
    • Stretching exercises
    • Meditation
    • Introspective walks
    • Lunch (vegan/Vegetarian/gluten-free) 



    • A deeper understanding of the science underlying the WHM
    • Practical tools to influence and manage your energy levels
    • Habituation of breathing techniques to effectively counter mentally and physically demanding situations
    • Improved ability to tap into your potential and maintain focus (at work)
    • Enhances creativity and resilience 
    • Improves health and strengthens resistance
    • Improved performance in sports 
    • Better recovery after exercise 
    • An unforgettable experience with likeminded people

    For whom?

    This program is for the less and more experienced Wim Hof Method practicioners wanting to go a step further. 



    This is a provisional program. As we always say: "don't expect, just experience" .


    Day 1

    10:00-10:30AM - Sign up with coffee and tea

    10:30-01:00PM - Part 1 Theory, physical exercises and breath work 

    01:00-01:45PM - Lunch

    01:45-04:00PM - Part 2 Theory, cold exposure 

    Day 2

    10:00-01:00PM - Part 1 Theory, nature walk and breath work

    01:00-01:45PM - Lunch

    01:45-04:00PM - Part 2 Breath work, cold exposure

    04:00-05:00PM - Reflection 



    • 2 experienced Wim Hof Method teachers
    • Lunch: Vegetarian homemade food, vegan, lactose free, gluten free and other diets possible
    • Tea and coffee
    • All activities & materials
    • 50% discount on Online Courses
    • Signed Book
    • E-book
    • Digital explanation of the Wim Hof Method 

    What to bring

    • Swimwear
    • Towel
    • Bathrobe
    • Flip-flops
    • Toiletries 



    The Wim Hof Method Center in Stroe The Netherlands 

    Maximum 25 participants  


    Stroe, Netherlands