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"System Reset" 5 Day Complete Retreat - Boulder Wim Hof Method, Bulletproof Coffee + Diet, Biohacking, Meditation, Return to Nature, Mindfulness tools. Live the Luscious Lifestyle with Pavel Stuchlik (@noaaonofficial) an expert in self realization, global Entrepreneur, Biohacker, International music producer and presenter will be bringing the knowledge, know how and proven methods from some of the most highly noted leaders in health, spirituality and overall, general awesomeness to YOU. 8:00am Bulletproof Coffee + Supplements 9:00am Breathing + Meditation (Morning Routine)   10:00am Spend Time in Nature 2:00pm - Bulletproof Lunch + Cooking Class 4:00pm - Sight Seeing + Meeting other experts 6:00pm - Bulletproof Dinner  8:00pm - Shamanic Musical Experience + Meditation

In this week you will delve deeper into the Method; practice with the cold extensively, expand your breathing techniques as well as your commitment. This extended experience is a great way to clear your mind of any clutter, get a fresh perspective on life and to just let go.

Who is this week for?

This week is designed for practitioners who want to deepen their practice and get out of their comfort zone. 


Although there is always a rough outline, 'no program' a Wim Hof Method mantra. For the best experience, go in with an open mind and without expectations. The start- and end times listed in this section are subject to change.

Please make sure that you show your order number on arrival, either on a print-out or via your phone.

We advise to eat light, if at all, before the workshop.







What to bring
Multiple sets of swimwear, winter gear/hiking boots/snow clips, Yoga type clothing, Journal/Pen, Water Bottle, Intention
Bulletproof Compliant Diet + Meals + Coffee + Supplement/Nootropics + CBD products + Detox Programs