WHM Fundamentals Weekend

Zöbern With Bart Pronk
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One of three themes covered in WHM Fundamentals Weekend is Nature


One of three themes covered in WHM Fundamentals Weekend is Ice Bath

Ice Bath

One of three themes covered in WHM Fundamentals Weekend is Breathing


What you get

During these two days, all facets of the Wim Hof Method will be extensively explored. The theory behind the Method will be discussed, but the majority of the workshop will be a step-by-step instruction or, rather, feeling, as Wim often says: “feeling is understanding.”

Put yourself in the expert hands of a certified WHM Instructor to learn the 3 pillars of the Wim Hof Method: Breathing Technique, Cold Exposure & Commitment. Find out how you can utilize oxygen and cold exposure to optimize body & mind, and learn about the underlying physiology.

The intimate quality of the weekend allows for ample personal attention, and feedback tailored to your specific situation. Whether you are looking to improve mental or physical performance, relieve symptoms related to an illness, or are just curious to find out what the Wim Hof Method is all about— a WHM Fundamentals Weekend offers something for everyone.

The specifics of each program can vary based on the specialisation of the Instructor and the focus of the activity. 

If you have no prior experience with cold exposure, we recommend you finish your showers cold in the days leading up to the weekend. This may be overwhelming at first, but just try to relax, focus on your breath, and bring it into a controlled, steady rhythm.

Who is this workshop for?

This weekend is suitable for everyone, but does require a basic level of health. Out of precaution, we advise against participation during pregnancy, or if you are epileptic. People with cardiovascular issues, or any other serious health conditions should always consult a medical professional before starting the Wim Hof Method.

Your Instructor Team:
Matthias Berger, Dominik Graef, Bart Pronk











We start together with a rich breakfast. For the early birds we do a yoga and meditation session. Afterwards we do a beginners workshop Wim Hof Method (breathing, focus and exposure to the cold). If we have advanced people, we can divide the group. We ordered 100 Kilo of ice-so the water is frosty. After lunchtime at the campfire we celebrate the approaching evening with a fire walk. If the weather is fine-we sleep under the stars. It´s a very calm spot on the landside.





We join our breakfast together and do a guided meditation session. Afterward we relax together in the sweat lodge and share the experiences from the last days. At around 2 PM the hometravel starts.

What to bring

You can bring a tent and stay on the farm-it´s safe there. Otherwise you can sleep in the camp, we have enough space.


Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Sunday: Brunch
*The food is from our bio farm and only vegan)