WHM 10 Week Group Course

Budel With Norbert Stevens
  • Image 1 of 1 - Experience Ice Bath to get an impression of WHM 10 Week Group Course at Budel
One of three themes covered in WHM 10 Week Group Course is Ice Bath

Ice Bath

One of three themes covered in WHM 10 Week Group Course is Breathing


One of three themes covered in WHM 10 Week Group Course is Yoga


What you get

A powerful training in which you connect with your body again. A wonderful process given by an enthusiastic instructor.

Looking for more supervision and coaching in your Wim Hof Method practice? In the 10-Week Program you will meet up with fellow WHM-practitioners and train together in a series of classes. You will gain a theoretical understanding of the Method, compounded by a synergy resulting from your shared experiences. Homework provided after class allows you to progress on your own throughout the week.

This Group Course consists of 10 classes taught weekly by a WHM Instructor, in addition to some homework. The classes are subdivided into the following components:

  • Wim Hof Method theory
  • Breathing techniques
  • Cold exposure
  • Focus/Physical exercises

The homework encompasses the latter three. Classes build up such that, by the end of the course, you will have sufficient knowledge and tools to maintain the practice independent of supervision. 


  • Class 1: ‘Ice, Ice, Baby’
  • Class 2: ‘Breathe In The Air’
  • Class 3: ‘Let’s Get Physical’
  • Class 4: ‘Let It Go, Let It Gooo…’
  • Class 5: ‘Every Little Thing Is Going To Be Alright’
  • Class 6: ‘Because I’m happy’
  • Class 7: ‘Some Things We Can’t Ignore’
  • Class 8: ‘Hey You’
  • Class 9: ‘Let’s Get Funky’
  • Class 10: ‘You’re As Warm As Ice’ 

What to bring

Bathing suite, 2 towels and flip flops. Wear comfortable clothes.


There will be water, tea, coffee, healthy cookies and sometimes fruits.