Unique Canada Adventure (1 last minute spot opened up)

Daniel Kluken

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What you get

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Build and test a whole new mastery of body & mind while dealing with the elements. Intensive, mind shifting, playful


This Canadian Wim Hof Method expedition is specially designed for people who want to learn and implement everything there is to learn about the Wim Hof Method. Are you interested in getting the most out of life? This is your adventure.

The week will be centered around mastering the 3 pillars of the Wim Hof Method: breathing, cold exposure and mindset. In a playful yet highly focussed way you wil train your nervous-, immune-, and cardiovascular system while boosting your energy flow.

You will venture out into the Canadian nature. Swimming in the (frozen)lake, hiking in the snowy woods, intense breathing sessions and so much more will help you get in tune with your true nature. Challenge yourself and reach from the depths of your being!


  • how to breathe optimally
  • Learn how to generate heat using your body, mind and breath
  • Intense cold immersion training
  • Strengthen the mind-body connection
  • Improve your immune system
  •  Break loose from mental conditioning and negative thoughts
  •  Take control of your mental and physical state
  •  Increase your comfort zone
  • How to the implement your new skills into daily life
  • Discover that you are capable of more than you ever thought was possible.


The breathtaking Canadian landscape will be the ground from which you’ll build and test a whole new mastery of body and mind. The accommodation is located in Northeastern Ontario nearby Sudbury where you’ll be staying in lodges with a beautiful lake view.


International Mindset trainer & WHM instructor Daniel Kluken will be assisted by Movement & Breathing specialist Ingvild Molenaar. To go deeper into the pillars of the WHM they will use complementary techniques like meditation, yoga, NLP and functional movement. All together adding to a happier, healthier and stronger natural state of being.

Both trainers are internationally certified in their fields of expertise. Since 2015 Daniel and Ingvild have been training eachother and they have joined forces to bring the best of each of their knowlegde and experience to everybody they work with.


"Daniel's passion for the Wim Hof Method - both the technique and the sharing of it with the world - is boundless. Unparalleled energy, enthusiasm and love, grounded in a great appreciation of and interest in the knowledge on which the training is based. Cannot recommend highly enough"
- Paul Davies -

"Daniel held the space throughout the week with aplomb, directing us all to learn by doing and feeling. An obvious example of this was his ability to inject both raw energy and shamanic dexterity into the mind-blowing breathing exercises. The week was a huge challenge and whilst everyone stepped up, the atmosphere stayed free of competition and peacocking, thanks to Daniel’s emphasis on feeling over measuring, and the group over the individual."
- Patrick Fisher -

"They created an atmosphear of co-operation and playfulness in the group. They made us work as a team to help each other reach our own personal boarders. I was afraid I would be surrounded by a group of macho guys, trying to compete on who's the "thoughest", but it was everything but that. Warm, friendly, funny, helpful, wise and loving people. Daniel tought us to take on our challenges with a laugh and with relaxation."
- Mattias Jonsson -