The Art of Heart featuring the Wim Hof Method

Zane Curwen-Walker

What you get

"Going deep in Daylesford"

Join certified Wim Hof Method instructors Zane Curwen-Walker, David Packman and Mark Kluwer as they take you deep in Daylesford with a day-long workshop that will enable you to reconnect with your heart and tune in to your highest potential through heart-consciousness, meditation, breathwork, movement, cold therapy and more.

Taking place at the stunning Convent Gallery in Daylesford, Victoria, sessions include heart energy and intelligence, guided meditation, managing stress and living fearlessly; all concluding with a life-affirming Wim Hof Method experience - complete with ice immersion - that puts you back in touch with your own true nature by super-charging your body and bringing about tremendous benefits to the immune, nervous and lymphatic systems.

Zane, David and Mark each bring their own unique perspectives and styles, making each element of the workshop accessible and easy to implement after you leave. The workshop offers a fully felt experience with a perfect combination of yin and yang, all backed with available science and research.

All proceeds from "The Art of Heart" will go to Love Me Love You, a non-profit organisation that strives to empower and build resilience in young adults so that they may overcome the stigma surrounding mental health and other life hardships.