South Lake Tahoe Experience

  • The South Lake Tahoe weekend will be centered on mastering the three pillars of the Wim Hof Method: breathing techniques, cold exposure, and cultivating the mindset that allows you to incorporate these into your daily life. A variety of activities show that you are capable of so much more than you imagined. You will train your nervous, immune, and cardiovascular system, optimize energy flow, and find a natural balance. Besides the mind-blowing effects of the Method, there is always a tremendous sense of fun.

    Do you want to?

    - Increase your comfort zone

    - Learn how to breathe optimally

    - Strengthen the mind-body connection

    - Improve your immune system

    - Learn how to generate heat using your body and mind

    - Break loose from mental conditioning and negative thoughts

    - Take control of your mental and physical state

    Please join us in South Lake Tahoe, California, for an incredible experience.

    Group Size:

    10 people maximum

    - All meals, coffee and tea

    - Accommodations in a South Lake Tahoe vacation rental home.

    - Activities – Breath Work, Ice Baths, Hiking, Guided Meditation.

    - WIFI

    Essentials (to bring):
    - Toiletries
    - Hiking boots
    - Sleeping bag (in case you feel cold at night or during the breathing exercises)
    - Swim wear

    - Yoga Mat
    - A (small) backpack

    - Flip flops or other suitable water shoes.
    - A towel or two
    - Earplugs (some people can snore)

    - A positive attitude

    Not included:

    Travel to and from the location. You are responsible for making it to the cabin. The closest Metropolitan airport is Reno/Tahoe International Airport.


    South Lake Tahoe, CA, United States