Scottish Highlands WHM Winter Weekend

Allan Brownlie

What you get

WHM 2-day weekend in the Scottish Highlands.  
Understand the breath it will be your compass in the cold: this 2-day weekend in the Scottish Highlands.
Fearnan is small village on the north shore of Loch Tay, which has some great walking routes with fantastic viewpoints so you can take in the stunning scenery. Look out for wonderful wildlife like golden eagles, peregrine falcons and ospreys.

What we will do:
conscious breathing
WHM breathing
Open water cold immersion, Loch Tay
Fun exercises
Hand and feet cold immersion
Forest walk (in shorts if you want)
Chat about the science behind the WHM
2 nights stay at brand new cabin with stunning views of Loch Tay
All meals

What to bring:
Warm winter clothes
Water bottle

More Info:
Boreland Farm
Fearnan, Perthshire PH15 2PG
United Kingdom
Start time: Friday 5pm
End time: Sunday 10am
Small group: Max 16 people
Sleeping arrangements
Bedroom 1
5 single beds, 5 bunk beds
Bedroom 2
5 single beds, 5 bunk beds
After sign-up you will receive detailed instructions on travel and preparation.

Your experience is our priority
Everyone can participate to their own ability and level of comfort. It is all about fun, new experiences and learning. If you have any health conditions or concerns please contact us beforehand.
How to prepare:
If you are new to cold exposure, you can start practicing by finishing your warm shower with 30-60 seconds of cold water only. Begin with your feet and then follow with your legs, your stomach, shoulders, neck and back. Focus on calming down your breath. Don’t put your head under the cold shower, it is better to skip the cold shower on the head for the first month. This way you will become more familiar with the way your body reacts to the cold.