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Joren de Bruin

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What you get

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Five days full of inspiration, focus, breathing, meditation, cold adaptation, movement and discovering your true potential!

Five days full of inspiration, focus, breathing, meditation, cold adaptation, movement and discovering your true potential!

This special expedition is set in a beautiful mountain range in Poland that literally carries the name “Giant Mountains” and will be led by certified WHM Instructor Joren de Bruin or Daniel Kluken (check the Instructor's page to see who leads the travel). The week will be centered around mastering the 3 pillars of the Wim Hof Method: breathing, cold, meditation, yoga and a complementary mindset to get to a happier, healthier and stronger natural state of being. The Wim Hof Method offers a no-nonsense, practical approach to optimize your physical and mental state and discover that you are capable of more than you think. You will train your nervous-, immune- and cardiovascular system, optimize your energy flow, and rekindle your natural balance.
The breathtaking Polish landscape will serve as testing ground for your newly acquired mastery of body and mind. Under expert guidance of the WHM Instructor Joren de Bruin or Daniel Kluken, you will venture out into Poland’s majestic mountains and valleys. Being surrounded by the rivers, woods and driven snow will help you get in tune with your true nature. Challenge yourself and reach from the depths of your being to ignite your innerfire! Discover that you are capable of more than whatever you thought was possible.

  •  Strengthen the mind-body connection
  •  Improve your immune system
  •  Learn how to generate heat using your body and mind
  •  Break loose from mental conditioning and negative thoughts
  •  Take control of your mental and physical state
  •  Be free from fear and anxiety
  •  Increase your comfort zone
  •  Learn how to breathe optimally
  •  Come have a fun and adventurous week!

For who?
The expedition is suitable for all levels of experience, and all ages of 18 and upwards. There will be a max of 20 participants.

The accommodation is situated in the cozy village Przesieka which is part of the Giant Mountains of Poland. Accommodation is at our center on the basis of 6 pax rooms.
There is a sauna where we can relax in between trainings.

ul. Karkonoska 1, 58-563 Przesieka, Poland

Wi-fi, sauna, Ice baths, garden with natural park, fireplace, river/ waterfall, meditation room, open kitchen

1199.- euro

Additional information
The participants will need to arrive at the Airport of Prague. We will pick up the participants outside the arrivals gate at 6PM. On the day of departure, we will drop the participants at 10AM at the airport.

• All meals
• Needed material
• Accommodation
• Program by Innerfire
• Transfer Prague – Centre
• Transport on location
• Workshops
• Activities
• Facilities

- toiletries
- tracking boots
- sleeping bag (in case you feel cold at night or during the breathing exercises)
- swim wear
- a (small) backpack
- crampons
- flip flops
- towel
- earplugs (some people can snore)