Northern Lights Wim Hof Method Retreat

Daniel Müller Gonzalez

What you get

Discover and enhance your own INNER POWER in raw nature for six days in the top of Norway above the Arctic circle

Welcome to the north of Norway, the magical Lofoten

In our newly renovated retreat center Lysvoll located by the national mountain of Norway named Stetind we will dive deep into the Wim Hof Method.

Imagine you are sitting inside our cozy and warm living room looking outside the panorama windows. The fire is crackling in the background. You see the ocean fjord and the mountains surrounding you.

You feel at peace, balanced, joyful and most of all: alive!

The adventures you had during the day fill you with joy and a sense of achievement. Excitement arises by the realization of how far we can reach and connect to our own inner and outer nature.

Welcome to Lysvoll!


For six days we will engage into the three pillars of the WHM:

  • Cold therapy (gradual cold exposure)

  • Breathing (powerful breathing techniques and meditation)

  • Commitment (focus, persistence and willpower)

The Wim Hof Method is a highly effective set of techniques with many beneficial health effects.
The group experience and the chance to practice this intensive course over several days can often bring you a real personal transformation that extends to many areas of your life.

Often deep friendships evolve with others and oneself. Not forgetting a new found friendship with the cold which grants a big amount of freedom once established.

Other known health benefits and improvements are:

  • Improved immune-, nervous- and cardiovascular system

  • heightened control of nervous system

  • Increased energy and increased ability to concentrate

  • Transformation of habituated behaviors and limitations

  • Expansion of our comfort zone

  • Greater cold tolerance

  • Stress reduction

The simple yet powerful WHM will be the center and backbone of our retreat and the scientific background of the method will be explained in short presentations.

Complimentary to the WHM we will use different 'tools' to bring balance to our body and mind:

  • Embodiment exercises (using movement to connect with our body and emotions)  

  • Gratitude, intentions and mindfulness (change of perception)

  • Communication (true listening and intentive talking)

  • Nutrition (food is medicine or poison)

  • Walks and baths in nature (reconnecting to our natural habitat)

  • Fire ceremony and sweat lodge (cleansing and community)

  • Music and dance (stimulation of various impulses)

The additional program is meant to deepen our connection with ourselves and others and will be tailored towards our participants needs.

For who is this Wim Hof Method retreat?

This week is for everyone who would like to explore and discover the possibilities of the human mind and body in a safe and fun environment. To learn the in-depth knowledge of the Wim Hof Method and how to implement it into your daily routine.

No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner of the Wim Hof Method, me and my team will do our best to give you what you need!

Everyone can participate according to their own ability and level of comfort.

First and most important is fun, learning and new fantastic experiences. If you suffer of any psychological or physical conditions please inform us to discuss further procedure and preparation.

Program of the Wim Hof Method retreat

A full prepared yet flexible schedule from early morning until dinner with room for personal free-time and resting periods. Learn how to cope with stress and how to control your nervous system, expand your comfort zone, optimize your system and get your own inner fire started!

Accomodation at WMH retreat Lysvoll

Our newly renovated retreat center Lysvoll lies in the Norwegian municipality of Tysfjord and is located above the Arctic circle. Perfect to train the WIm Hof Method and other powerful tools for well-being in raw nature! Surrounded by mountains and the Atlantic Ocean (or Norwegian Sea) which is about 100 meters walking distance from our stay (see pictures in the slide show).

This place harbours some unique treasures. The Norwegian national mountain called Stetind or as the Norwegians call it "Gudenes" meaning "anvil of the gods" is one of them. Besides the incredible view and the ocean fjords we have the midnight sun (sunshine 24/7) in summer and the northern lights in winter.

This area is famous for whale watching (especially orcas), fishing and hiking. Harbor porpoises, lobsters, sea eagles, ravens, otters and moose are all common in Tysfjord and a delight to watch.
In the presence of this majestic scenery a deep re-connection with nature is possible and welcomed.

You will be staying in our cozy 2-4 person bedrooms. A big yoga/meditation room, spacious living room with fire place as well as a sweat lodge and two Mongolian jurts.

All pictures (except the one with Wim Hof on the top of Mount Snezka) are taken in and around Lysvoll.


Maximum participants: 15


There are two options when coming with the airplane:

  1. Fly to Narvik airport (Norway). From there it is a short bus and ferry ride (half an hour) to Kjeldebotn where we will pick you up.
  2. Fly to Kiruna airport (Sweden). From there take a train to Narvik (about 3 hours). From there it is a short bus and ferry ride (half an hour) to Kjeldebotn where we will pick you up..

Other possibilities by train, bus or car are possible all depending on where you come from. More information is available on request.


  • Accomodation and facilities
  • All delicious meals which will be prepared by our personal chef cook (dietary needs will be considered on request)
  • All materials needed for the program
  • All activities

If you would like to come earlier and/or stay longer please let us know and we can see what we can arrange.

What to bring to a Wim Hof Method training

  • Comfortable and flexible clothing for the exercises

  • Warm winter clothing

  • Hiking boots

  • Swim wear and towel

  • Slippers and water shoes

  • Water bottle

  • Toiletries

  • Ear plugs (reassure sleep if people snore)

  • Small blanket (or sleeping bag) to cover during breath work if needed

  • Musicians bring your instruments

  • Anything you believe will enhance our stay

How to prepare

If you are new to cold exposure, you can start practicing by finishing your warm shower with 30-60 seconds of cold water only. Begin with your feet and then follow with your legs, your stomach, shoulders, neck and back. Focus on calming down your breath. Don’t put your head under the cold shower, it is better to skip the cold shower on the head for the first month. This way you will become more familiar with the way your body reacts to the cold.

What other people say

"Daniel introduced me to the cold water and the Wim Hof method. With a powerful presence and empowering coaching he helped me to stay in my first really cold water. I will never forget that day!
Today I thrive in the cold, I regularly take baths in the winter ice water and enjoy the breath-work regularly. With live biofeedback you can see the tremendous effects this practice has on your nervous system. And again Daniel is the top teacher you want to use when you learn this method! That coming from someone who has years of training in breathing techniques and nervous system training. He is the Northern Iceman with a huge heart!" 

-Linus Lundkvist-


"When I met Daniel and he started to tell me about the Wim Hof Method and taking ice cold baths, I thought he was crazy. What could you possibly get from a little bit of breathing and cold water? After knowing each other for a while and trying out my first immersion, I thought it was really mind blowing!
Now I do it 2 and sometimes even 3 times a week, I feel like almost an addict. Running in only shorts for 30 to 60 min makes me feel so much alive. Starting of with the WHM makes everything focused and easy, and it also helps whenever I feel down. Daniel is inspiring and a true fighter for the good in this world. I'm really grateful to have Daniel show me these amazing tools, they have really changed my life.”

-Daniel Bladini-

If you have any further questions please feel welcome to contact me.
Look into my instructor profile for more personal information.

Let's live life to the fullest!

Your certified Wim Hof Method Instructor
Daniel Müller Gonzalez