DALLAS area: 1-day workshop

A one day workshop, 

with Hong Noe — “move & be moved”


Where do you find yourself?  

     What is before you?  

          (i.e., your workload, your finances, your deadlines, your relationships, your health, etc.)

     How do you feel?  

Do any of the above trigger any “stressed-out” feelings in you? (anxiety, fear, ill-ease, etc.)

     If so, you’ve lost self-control.  


When you (me) find yourself responding (emotionally, psychologically, physiologically, etc.) in ways you’d rather not, you’ve lost self-control.  I’m not talking about self-control in the sense of externally self-imposed behaviors (to abide within the laws of society), but in how you find yourself feeling (reacting) based on a stimulus of an external circumstance.  I'm also not talking about "control" as when in a fear-based (needing & trying to control) internal state.

If you, too often, find yourself losing self-control (in ways I posed above) by the dictates of external circumstances and situations, it’s because you’ve had a lot of repetitions practicing those tendencies (for whatever reasons), consistent with a neural plasticity saying that goes, “neurons that fire together, wire together.”

OR, do you have difficulty with taking action, facing & taking risks?  Have you been ignorning that quiet nudge in the back of your mind that's been telling you it's time for a change?  What's holding you back?  What's preventing that initial step?  Is that something that's "stopping" you something OUTSIDE of you, OR is it something INSIDE of you?  I belive it's usually something INSIDE of you, and your relationship to your perceptions, interpretations, and feelings toward stuff like uncertainty, lack of control, or lack of information.  I will present a way of how you can begin to BE with those external stimuli (resulting in inner resistances) to begin to create an internal "space" where they begin to lose their hold over your thoughts & actions, so that YOU will decide whether you will take action or not & not your perception of an external circumstance.

Applying WHM as an effective practice toward working on your habitual emotional, psychological, and physiological responses to the external stimuli of your everyday life encounters, I will go into how you can (steadily, relentlessly) work toward “breaking up and rewiring” your undesired neural patterns (your “goto” responses psychologically, emotionally, and physiologically that arise whenever things appear uncertain, unfavorable, discouraging, etc.).  In other words, you will begin to actively apply, practice and work to expand YOUR comfort zone, toward a stronger & more resilient emotional/psychological constitution.  

But if you’ve had a lot of practice (repetitions) reinforcing your now-ingrained neural patterns with your thoughts and behaviors, it’ll require work & awareness from you to start establishing new desired patterns, to be willing to persevere even during periods without external (visible) positive reinforcements.

  • During the workshop, the three pillars of the Wim Hof Method will be explained and explored:  mindset/focus, breathing & cold exposure, with their ramifications for your health, both psychological & physiological.
    • We will practice facing & dealing with our stress responses.
    • We will practice facing & dealing with pain & discomfort stimuli and our responses to them.
    • We will practice cultivating an internal space that encourages diminished inner resistances (where positive growth may take "root"). 
    • We will practice breathing with attention.
    • We will tie the practices together with discussions on physiology of mind & body.



For who?

The course is suitable for beginners, intermediate & beyond (getting more into the psychological aspects:  fears, anxieties & training our body-mind responses to them, etc.) within the WHM.

Location:  will be held in a gated community - registered will be placed on guest list.

  • 2600 Waterford Dr
    Irving, TX  75963


To prepare for the ICE BATH that will be available for your participation at the workshop, you can begin to introduce cold exposure on your own.  

  • You can initially start with a normal warm shower, then end with cold shower for 30 seconds. 
  • After a few days, you can start with 30 seconds of cold shower.  Goto warm shower.  Then end with 30 seconds of cold shower.
  • After a few more days, see if you can take a cold shower from start to finish.
  • You may also incorporate some ice immersions for your hands & feet:  go for 2 minutes for hands, then 2 minutes for feet.


Clothing, etc.:

  • Comfortable clothes, bathing suit, towel, sandals, & MAT for sitting/lying on floor


  • It is best to eat lightly.


  • Bring signed liability waiver & health declaration sheets (available with study materials upon registration).



2600 Waterford Drive, Irving, TX, United States