Idyllwild, CA: WEEKEND retreat/workshop

WHM weekend

Weekend retreat (Fri - Sun) 

led by WHM Certified Instructor Hong Noe

A weekend to further explore, observe, & open yourself up to potential insights and foster a determination, a willingness to take proactive steps to face your fear and discomfort signals to move beyond your current limitations & comfort zone boundaries.  There is no magic formula:  you HAVE to face and BE with discomfort, to move yourself PAST how you feel (fear, anxiety, etc.) about discomfort (in order to begin to "rewire" how your brain responds to discomfort).  But out of finding your "center" within your discomfort (fears, anxiety, etc.), there clears a space & place where a newfound strength can take root and grow and then positive emotions may naturally arise that is natural to the place (& state) that you now find yourself.  

This retreat is about creating a space for a greater focused time into the practice for oneself (for greater potential physiological & psychological impact), as well as for taking self-directed time to foster greater observation & awareness.

“Feeling is Understanding”.     ~ Wim Hof


  • During this weekend workshop, the three pillars of the Wim Hof Method will be reinforced:  mindset/focus, breathing & cold exposure, with their ramifications for our health, both physiological & psychological.
  • To create a space for expansion of our personal comfort-zone boundaries:
    • We will practice facing & dealing with our stress responses.
    • We will practice facing & dealing with our fear & anxiety responses.
    • We will practice facing & dealing with our discomfort responses.
    • We will practice cultivating an internal space that encourages diminished inner resistances (where positive growth may take "root"). 
  • We will practice breathing with attention that will include at least one extended breathing session of around 1 hour (& see what may “arise”, “released” or “fall away”).
    • We will also explore other breathing techniques beyond the basic breathing rounds technique taught in the online course & when & how they may be of benefit.


For who?

The retreat is suitable for intermediate (for those who have practiced the WHM basic breathing rounds, focus/mindset and cold exposure on a regular basis for at least 3 months) & beyond (getting more into the psychological aspects:  fears, anxieties & training our body-mind responses to them, etc.).

  • Forecasted low temperatures for Idyllwild, CA in early May is 39~40 F.  
  • We will practice COLD immersions along with attention to body stances, mindset as well as focusing & observing whatever present moment signals that may arise with centeredness.  I may opt for an ice bath depending on temperature conditions, etc.

Additional Information:

Retreat capped at 6 participants (includes lodging).


  • If I do not have 4 participants by April 21 by 11 am (pacific time), retreat will be cancelled, and I will request refund(s) issued (refunds may take 3 ~ 4 weeks).


Location:  Spirit Mountain Retreat:  25661 Oakwood St, in Idyllwild, California 92549

May 5, Friday, 4 pm:  check in at retreat center (you are responsible for your own transportation to & from the center).



Accomplish at least THREE things you’ve been PROCRASTINATING about (to facilitate you toward getting into a better mindset during the workshop as well as to apply practicing overcoming signals of mental resistance in your everyday lives).

It is assumed that you have been practicing COLD EXPOSURE on your own for at least 3 months.

Strawberry Creek: photo 1  or  San Jacinto River (North fork): photo 2 - where we may practice the cold immersions  (photos 1-2 according to Google images):  






  • Toiletries, comfortable (warm) clothes, bathing suit, towels, sandals, & mat for sitting/lying on floor



  • 4 meals provided:  
    • Saturday (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
    • Sunday breakfast.



  • Bring signed liability waiver & health declaration sheets (available with study materials upon registration).




25661 Oakwood St, Idyllwild, CA 92549