Iceland Xperience


    "Wim Hof Method in Iceland with Jerome Wehrens!"


    Are you beginner, intermediate or advanced, then this is a trip for you! You just need to be motivated to balance body and mind.

    • You always wanted to get the maximum out ouf you body and mind?
    • You always wanted to go to Iceland or you want to experience Iceland in a fantastic way?
    • You want to know the Wim Hof method better and apply it?
    • Looking for a trip where action, relaxation and insight alternate?
    • Want to experience friendship, solidarity and sociability?

    This the moment and the trip for you!

    What do we do?

    • We will hike to the crown of Iceland!
    • We will hike to Kirkjufell
    • We will make amazing trips to Geysir, Gullfoss and Thingvellir
    • We will have natural hot tub experience
    • We will learn to infulence body and mind on a deep level
    • We will practice the breathing of the Wim Hof
    • We will learn new techniques to brave the cold
    • We will practice Yoga and Meditation
    • We're going to have fun!

    We will have full packed days starting on friday till friday!


    The accommodation is close to the beautiful nature Snaefellsnes in north-east Iceland. This piece of Iceland is also called small Iceland because of all the "treasures" that can be found in that region. During our trip, this will be the center of our activities from which we will make impressive trips, hikes and excursions. Accommodation in the center will take place on the basis of 4 and 6 person bedrooms.

    General info

    Group size: 16 people


    • All meals (vegetarian) We take our own cook with us!
    • Coffee and tea in our stay
    • Good Wifi in our stay
    • All workshops and excursions
    • Unique mountain tour!


    •   Flights to Iceland

    Make sure you book a flight to Iceland Keflavik!
    – Keflavik Airport, on Friday at 6 pm (or earlier if everyone is ready)
    Drop off – Keflavik Airport, on Friday at 5:00 am
    The pick-up and drop-off times are aligned on most flights.


    You are a truly master! A teacher can only learn you the steps. What you do, is dancing with the students and learn them the steps during the dance. It’s so much more than teaching. The Vosges Xperience was truly life changing! Thank you!
     23-5-2017, Rob from South Africa

    Jerome, I look back on a fantastic week! The exercises, yoga, meditation, learning my system, fun/games and above all, laughing!The delicious and colorful meals made an unforgettable impression on me. Space to be together ... and yourself. You realy knew how to get everybody excited. You are creative, inspiring, enthusiastic, flexible, and to the point. I have experienced what it means to "get out of your comfort zone.
    20-05-2016 Ed, Holland

    Well, It’s been one week since our SwissXperience. Somehow it feels like both yesterday and a lifetime ago. For whatever it’s worth, I thought I’d share my experience here… I almost didn’t make it to our weekend in the mountains. I was in an excruciating amount of pain (long stories, 40+ years in the making). Pain levels off scale on some days, with me crawling on all fours to my bed. I noticed on our last day, I was feeling surprisingly good. Now one week on, though maybe not 100% pain-free – I will take my miracles where I can find them – I am feeling amazing. Thank you Jerome
     12-11-2017, Susana from Swiss

    The best way to describe the “planning” of day activities by Jerome is a zen rollercoaster. Certain central guidelines are revealed, but as he goes along he in a way senses what the group needs are. I experienced it as very liberating, just going with the flow and getting with the program. My love for physical activity and sports was helpful. The hiking and kayaking were amazing and unforgettable.
     Jerome strings you along on a daily basis from 7am to 10pm, without making anything feel even remotely mandatory. Even though he invites you into his life and ways, it always remains YOUR Xperience. For me personally, I am very interested in Wim Hof breathing and other breathing methods presented by Jerome. One of the practical things I take home with me is a better understanding and execution of the different breathing methods to start my day with. I thank Jerome and co-trainer Bruno Balen for their wide variety of great exercises in yoga and mindfulness that we have done that week. Without a doubt this has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. If you have an opportunity to take a journey with Jerome, for whatever personal reason, DO IT. CREATE the opportunity if you have to. It helped me a great deal in taking the reigns over my life again.
    8-2-2018, Daniel from Holland