Handstand and WHM breathing workshop

An amazing opportunity to familiarize yourself with Wim Hof Method & develop an understanding of inversions. 

This is an introductory workshop in the WHM so anyone who is starting can learn how to implement the Wim Hof Method in daily life. That's not for intermediate or advanced practitioners.


This 2 hours workshops will contain 2 parts:

1. Handstand / inversions training 1h 30mins

2. WHM breathing 30 mins


Part I:

Static & Dynamic drills

Prepation for free standing handstand

Handstand variations


Part II:

Introduction to the theory behind the WHM & practice of the WHM breathing.

The 3 elements of WHM (cold exposure, breathing & meditation) will be explored in both parts. 



Please bring a yoga mat, warm clothes and a bottle of water.



The only prerequaiste is the ability to hold a plank for 1 minute in good form.


Chisenhale Dance Space, Chisenhale Road, London, United Kingdom