Enter the ice, (c)enter yourself - Utrecht

Utrecht With Tom Slöetjes
One of the themes covered in Enter the ice, (c)enter yourself - Utrecht is WHM


What you get

Maak kennis met de Wim Hof Methode, leer je ademhaling te beheersen en bevorder je fysieke en mentale gezondheid.

Why  this workshop?

Because you learn to control your breathing in this workshop, even in cold conditions. You reap the benefits of this (with regular use): more energy, more focus, a better functioning immune system and less daily stress.

How do I proceed?

As a vitality psychologist I have a lot of knowledge about the interface between mental and physical health and guiding groups and people in the promotion of this health. By working in small groups (maximum 8 participants) I have the time to give and coach personal information. Furthermore, my experience as a psychology lecturer at Utrecht University helps me to easily transfer the scientific background.

Feedback participant: "Tom is unique because he places me and other participants in uncomfortable situations and can then also make us feel comfortable in that situation."

What are you going to do exactly?

  • Becoming aware of your daily breathing routine
  • Learn the basics of WHM breathing
  • Adjust your daily breathing routine
  • Acquire knowledge of the influence of breathing on your body
  • Achieve a meditative state through your breathing
  • Acquire knowledge about the influence of breathing on your mind
  • Apply the acquired knowledge and skills in an ice bath

Where is it exactly?

The Oudegracht at the Werf 268 is a site cellar in the city center of Utrecht. Parking is very difficult here. That is why I recommend to get on foot, by bike or by public transport.