5-Week Group Course- San Diego

Group Course Part I - 5 weeks

A Group Course is an ideal way to start learning the WHM from scratch or to strengthen your practice. The Group Course will be given by Certified WHM Instructor Dr. Trisha Smith who will guide you through the exercises and your practice at home for 5 weeks. In this course, you will gain momentum through accountability and learn to create longevity in your WHM practice. After the course, you will be able to confidently maintain your practice by yourself.

The 5-week Group Course, or Group Course Part I, covers the 3 pillars of the WHM and leaves you with a strong base to continue your practice by yourself.

All classes are built up in such a way that they follow Wim’s philosophy “Feeling is understanding”. Every class starts with a short welcome and group chat around your experiences after previous class, and during the week. Then some physical exercises are planned. Followed by breathing and class-specific exercises.

*Exact location and schedule TBD



San Diego, CA, United States