Roeselare With Dries Nuyttens
One of the themes covered in 1 DAG Workshop [BELGIUM] - BASICS is WHM


What you get

Ervaar op een rustige, ongedwongen manier de sterkte van deze methode.

Expect the unexpected ... be surprised by your possibilities. Discover those possibilities by feeling and listening what your body indicates. We do not force anything and yet we go deep into our system. On 1 day you will experience very strongly how the Wim Hof ​​Method can contribute to your health. By going deep into our system, we can actively influence our immune system, something that until a few years ago seemed impossible for science. In the meantime, it has been scientifically proven that through this method, which works with breathing, mindset and cold exposure, you can actively influence your immune system. Furthermore, it contributes to a good night's sleep, stress control, feeling good, becoming smoother and stronger, ...

Are you healthy? Then this is something for you to stay healthy for a long time and thus extend your health span (= time that you have no complaints). Do you have any complaints? Then this is definitely something for you to get back complaint-free and so to extend your healthpan instead of just 'surviving' and striving for a long lifespan (= how long you live).

The day is calmly built up with sufficient background information, but we mainly work on practical issues: Breathing exercises, movement, rest, reset, exploring and expanding comfort zone limits, good healthy food, ...

I can still write a lot about it, but come simply experience it, because this method is especially and very fast to feel !! 

start: 9:15 am and end at 4:00 pm

included: meals (breakfast and lunch) and drinks