The Academy is being taught in English and for this year intended only for people living outside of the Netherlands.

The Academy program consists of three Modules –  Basic, Advanced & Master. To become certified, all three must be completed successfully.

Basic Module (online video course)
Our online programs constitute the Basic Module. Complete the Fundamentals to become eligible for the Advanced Module. Through the online video course you will get acquainted with practicing the MethodIt will give you the tools and techniques to work on your own training, which will be relevant to pass it on. 

Advanced Module 
The Advanced Module is a two-day training program that covers both the theory and practice of the Wim Hof Method. It is taught by a certified WHM Instructor, but organized by us at Innerfire. In this Module, you will delve into physiology; practice the breathing, cold exposure, and physical exercises; and learn about mindset. Note that as a general rule, the region that you select for the Advanced Module will be the same one in which you then follow the Master Module. Completing the two Modules in different regions is possible in some cases, but if you apply for this we cannot guarantee you a spot. Consider this carefully.

Wim will not be attending the Advanced Module.

Master Module
In this final leg, you will be tested on what you have been taught during the Advanced Module, as well as on your ability to teach prospective participants. Both theory, practice and didactical skills of the Wim Hof Method will be explored further during a 5-day training program.

This part of the training is once again led by a certified WHM Instructor, while Wim will be present intermittently.

You must have successfully completed the Advanced Module in order to qualify for the Master Module. Click here for more information about the program (this is an example, there could be some alterations).

Upon the Master Module you will be evaluated through five knowledge and skill areas, which you must master in order to become a Wim Hof Method (WHM) certified Instructor.  These areas include:

  • WHM practice
  • WHM theory
  • Presentation and instructional skills
  • Knowledge and comfort of WHM skills
  • Ability to teach WHM skills

The evaluations will be performed through a combination of a multiple-choice test, a one-on-one evaluation, a presentation to the group and WHM exercises throughout the course.

Requirements to participate in the WHM Academy

  • Minimum 2 years in teaching experiences in relevant working experience (teaching adults)
  • Excellent teaching and/or coaching skills
  • Commitment to the principles of Innerfire, ambassador of the WHM
  • Manifesto agreement

If you fulfill all requirements, and have a strong motivation, you can register. After registration, we ask you to send a letter in which you state the required experience and your motivation. Please use the template which you can find via this link. Innerfire will read your statements and have the right to cancel your registration if the requirements are not met.

Each participant who has completed the entire trajectory and passed the evaluation successfully will receive a WHM certificate with which they are licensed to teach the method to others for the period of one year. By doing so, the Instructor will literally and figuratively become the “face” of the WHM. In order to guarantee the quality of our courses, we will organize annual refresher courses during which all techniques will be addressed again. To extent your license with another year, it is obligated to attend the refresher course each year.

Innerfire support
After certification you get access to our teachers Library where you will find protocols, scripts and material to teach the WHM. We also provide Innerfire marketing materials, guidelines and logos.

There are 2 continents in where we will organize the Advanced and Master Module in 2018; Europe and North America.

Module    Advanced Module (a) Master Module (b)

Location: Los Angeles
April 19 & 20
April 20 & 21

Price: 749 EUR

Location: USA (Portland)
September 23-29

Price: 1899 EUR


Location: Stroe (the Netherlands)
June 21 & 22
June 23 & 24
September 15 & 16

Price: 699 EUR

Location: Poland (Przesieka)
November 22-29
November 29-December 5

Price: 1899 EUR

a) During the Advanced Module lunch is included, accommodation is not
b) During the Master Module food and accommodation are included

Click on the date to register for the Advanced Module in LA
April 19 & 20 - SOLD OUT
April 21 & 22

Click on the date to register for the Advanced Module in Europe
June 21 & 22 - SOLD OUT
June 23 & 24 - SOLD OUT
September 15 & 16

After registration you can send a letter to in which you state the required experience and your motivation. We would love to receive this, latest 2 weeks after registration.

After the Advanced Module we will open up registration for the Master Module.


  • Read this letter
  • Sign up online for the preferred module and location
  • Fill out the template showing your motivation and teaching skills and send this to
  • After you have registered, the Manifesto will be send to you. If you do not want to agree with the Manifesto, you will be reimbursed for your Advanced Module. You can hand in the signed Manifesto during the Advanced Module.