Wim Hof Method

Who is Innerfire?

Wim Hof's mission is to reach and empower as many people as possible, by handing them the tools to rediscover the tremendous, timeless force of Nature, and become strong, happy & healthy.

In order to take the practical steps to make this a reality, Wim's son Enahm founded Innerfire in 2006. Starting out of a small one-bedroom apartment, the company behind Wim Hof has steadily grown to now feature a wide range of activities, online courses, products, mobile app, and an ever-growing online community of millions of followers.

Meet the team

The Innerfire team a.k.a. "The Hoffice", comprises a small, close-knit group of quirky individuals.

Enahm | CEO

Enahm has coalesced his father’s ideas into a clear corporate vision, and somehow manages to execute it with this ragtag bunch of employees.

Enahm CEO
Michael | Jack of All Trades

Michael | Treasurer

All funds outgoing and incoming pass through Mickey's hands and mind. Best not to disturb him when he’s calculating the total tax over the second fiscal quarter, after commission, minus exemptions while accounting for… shoot; now he has to start over.

Isabelle | Head of Academy

Isabelle runs the WHM Academy, which certifies hundreds of new ambassadors of the Wim Hof Method each year. She puts together the curriculum, evaluates candidates as they go through the program, and monitors the conduct of certified instructors worldwide. Isa also presides over all the studies into the Wim Hof Method, and is in contact with many researchers and institutes.

Isa | Head of Academy

Mike | Academy Communication

The WHM Academy is a giant, growing, at-least-two-man job. Mike handles all the day-to-day tasks and is the direct point of contact for all our instructors around the world.

Peter | Videographer

A one-man studio, our resident `shredditor` does everything from scripting, directing & shooting, to cutting, coloring & graphics. Visual confirmation of his extra limbs still negative.

Peter | Videographer

Matylda — Customer Care Manager

Hundreds of emails land in our inbox every day. Matylda craftfully funnels all, and gracefully answers most. Everything from love letters to Wim, to love letters to her.

Ralf | Content Editor

Flowery prose drips from his keyboard keys, and finds its way into our e-mails, newsletters & website.

Ralf | Content Editor

Ilse | Project Manager

How to best present your company and its products and services, digitally, is a complex and constantly shifting game, and one we leave in the capable hands of Ilse. In order to best fulfill this role, she is also liaison to our app and website developers.

Aubrey | Animator

Aubrey is the creative genius behind all those gorgeous animated videos you find throughout our app and YouTube channel. Oh and that silky arresting voice-over? Also this guy.

Patricia | Content Creator

Patricia | Social Media Specialist

All those snappy macros, captions and hashtags on our socials are whipped up with one hand, while on the other arm perches Patricia’s infant son. How does she do it?

Leila — B2B Manager

Want an interview with Wim? Do you have a new podcast? Or 150 employees who you’re dying to get into a team-building ice bath? Get in line, please, before Leila arbitrates your application.

Company information

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WHM Services Unipessoal LDA

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Innerfire BV

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